Hi there! I am a stay at home mom located in west St. Louis county and I would love to create something special for you. I started making bows and tutus for my two girls and then decided to set up a little shop for people like me who love cute girly accessories but are not so thrilled with the price tag that usually comes with them. All my items are made with love and mommy-tested; I'm only satisfied with a finished product I would be proud to put on my own child.

Take a look around, if you have an idea but don't see exactly what you want I am happy to do custom orders. Local pickup or meeting at a convenient location for drop-off, as well as shipping are all available. I accept cash, check, or paypal. If you have any questions please contact me at tootsiebearbows@gmail.com.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello out there in blog land! If you are viewing this page you can probably figure out that I am not good at regularly updating it. But since this address is on my little business cards, I am keeping it up for the foreseeable future. If you need to place an order please email me at tootsiebearbows@gmail.com, or head over to my facebook page www.facebook.com/tootsiebearboutique. I have current photo albums there of what you can order from me and you can also send me a direct message there. Thanks!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tutorial: Simple DIY Christmas Stocking

I wanted to make stockings for my kids last year and didn't get around to it...so this year it finally got done! They are so easy and cheaper that way too. I couldn't believe the prices on some I saw in the stores as compared to the cost of making your own, and you can personalize it however you want. So here is my take on a simple DIY stocking. I realize that some people would not need a tutorial for this but it always helps me to have a visual with lots of detail, even for something fairly simple to make.
You will need...
Fleece (1/2 yard is plenty for one stocking, you may have enough for two actually)
Coordinating cotton or fleece in a different color 1/4 yd.
Heat n Bond if you choose to applique, any other embellishments of your choice

I chose fleece for my stocking because it is thick enough that you don't need any kind of lining inside, which meant less work for me! I am not generally a fan of patterns especially when I can just trace around something I already have. I wanted this stocking to be a little smaller so I traced right around the edge with a pen. Even if you don't have a stocking you can just freehand it. Cut through both layers of fleece so you have two matching pieces.
Next you will need to cut two pieces of whatever you want the top of your stocking to be. To do this, I folded my fabric in half lengthwise and cut out the pieces the same width as the stocking. Then I cut the bottom edge so they measured 4.5 inches tall FOLDED in half. Once again, just easier to do it this way.
So you should have 4 pieces cut that look like this:
Next fuse and cut out whatever you are going to put on the stocking - I did a little tree for this one. You may want to lay your top piece on the stocking to see how far down it will come when attached. Iron on to your stocking piece and stitch around the border. Note - it is a lot easier to do this step before you have the stocking all sewn together. Just sayin'. ;)
Pin your stocking and top pieces along the sides, with right sides together, and stitch using a 1/4" seam allowance.
You may want to notch your stocking at the curves just so it will lay nicely when turned right side out. Press the seams of your top piece and fold it right side out. An optional step would be to run a loose basting stitch along the rough edge just to hold it together when pinning. Put the top piece inside the stocking and pin around the edge. Cut about an 8 inch strip of ribbon and fold it in half without twisting. Pin between the stocking and top with the ends sticking out a little bit.
Sew along  the edge with a 1/4" seam allowance, turn top out and you are done! Admire your work and go make a few more :)
Hope I didn't leave anything out. This was a fun little project that you can fancy up to your choosing. You could add names, letters, ric rac, pompoms, glitter, rhinestones, whatever your little heart desires. Just have fun!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tutorial: Easy No-Sew Applique Tote

Here is a fun and super easy project you can use for all kinds of different occasions, and the best part is, it's cheap and requires NO sewing! I've given these cute little tote bags in place of a gift bag that will get thrown away, and filled them up with goodies - the possibilities are endless and it adds a nice personal touch to your gift.

Here is what you will need:
Canvas tote - can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores (the one I used was about $2.99)
Heat n' Bond Ultra
Fabric for lettering
Coordinating ribbon/trim if you want to embellish
Fabric Glue or Hot Glue Gun

First, you will need to decide what you want to put on the bag. A name, initial or shape are some suggestions. You can find coloring pages for just about anything on Google, it's a beautiful thing! Print out whatever you are using, making sure it is the right size to fit on the bag. I use my word processing program and a cute font most of the time. In this case I traced the letters onto the paper with a marker directly from my computer screen.
Next, you will need to trace your letters/shape onto your sheet of Heat n' Bond. You can do this one of two ways: right side on the shiny surface or reversed on the back. Since my fabric is dark I flipped the sheet over and re-traced it on the opposite side, just so I would be able to see it to cut it out.
Place the Heat n' Bond on the wrong side of your fabric and iron on medium heat. It doesn't take a lot to bond it to the fabric so you only need to hold the iron on it for a few seconds.
Cut out your letters/shapes and peel the paper backing off, then align them on the bag where you want to fuse them. Hold the iron down for 8-10 seconds, picking up and moving (not sliding) to fuse the edges of the design to the bag.
That's pretty much it! You can use fabric or hot glue to add ribbons, bows, sequins, or whatever other embellishment you choose. The Ultra Heat n' Bond does not need to be sewn and claims to be washable so you can use this method to personalize shirts or really anything...even if you are not a person who can sew!
As an extra note, if you do sew, just use the Lite Heat n' Bond and straight or zigzag stitch around the edges of the applique to hold it in place. Here is my finished product of what I put inside the bag, I think it turned out really cute and my niece loved it!
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial, I plan to bring you more so please make any requests you may have. I don't mind sharing my secrets!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm still here!

Well, it has been a while since my last post. Sorry about that! To be honest, it's been a lot easier to stay updated through facebook, which is quickly becoming my primary point of business. I've debated on whether to keep this blog up and running, but since it's on my business cards I guess it'll stay for now. Maybe someday I will become much more web savvy and actually use this blog!

With that said, I do have something exciting to share, in case you missed it on FB - myself and tons of other crafters have pooled our resources to raise money for the Joplin tornado relief through the Handmade for Hope benefit. You can check it out at my friend Brit's blog: Handmade for Hope.
There are some amazing items available and it only costs $1 per entry! Please take a moment to pass it on to anyone you think might be interested. Thanks!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Blankets + Christmas + Ordering Info.

Hi everybody!
It's been busy this past month as I did my first real show at the beginning of November. I was able to get a ton of new items made and wanted to share a few of them with you. First off, blankets. I have two new types of blankets available...
Double-sided minky blankets make a wonderful gift for a new baby. They are amazingly soft and just the right size for snuggling. You can choose from baby pink, hot pink, bubblegum, baby blue, light blue, navy, brown, mint green, kelly green, and ivory. These are available for $18.
I have also started making big flannel blankets. These are great for babies through toddlers as they are made from a full yard of fabric, super soft, yet lightweight and easy to fold up and stick in the diaper bag or stroller. And at $12, you can't beat the price! You can view other examples of both blanket styles as well as new cotton/minky blankets in my baby gifts photo gallery HERE.

A fun part of doing the show was coming up with some Christmas items. I have a whole gallery with all the photos but here are a few of my favorites:
Please browse through my Christmas Collection gallery by clicking HERE. I will be taking orders until December 5th to allow plenty of time for completion and delivery. I will basically be 8 months pregnant at that point and while I have been right on time with my other children, you just never know.

Here's the important part - after December 5th, if you are needing to order anything feel free to contact me. If it is something I already have made up at home or have the supplies I need, I may be able to fulfill your request. I just can't promise anything and do not want anyone to be disappointed if I have to turn them down. I do have some inventory left from the show as well, especially blankets, Christmas items and onesies. I appreciate all of my customers and will do what I can to accommodate any orders or requests I receive. And of course, I'll keep you posted on any baby news!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Need a Costume?

I have a few tutus available that would make great Halloween costumes (and continue to be played in long after!)
Little miss ladybug - all you need are some black tights, a pair of wings, and of course a matching bow...
Imagine how cute your girl would "bee" in this:
And lastly, if your daughter has future plans to be a pop princess...
As always there are lots of options with these...we could come up with a matching shirt, add bows or ribbons to any of the tutus, and custom size it to fit! Contact me asap if you would like to order anything for Halloween so I will have plenty of time to get it ready.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's been a little while since my last post but I will try to keep this one short and sweet. I have been able to do some great custom orders lately and I appreciate all of you keeping me on my toes and challenging me creatively. That's what I love about what I do! I thought I would share a few of my recent favorites...
These were a lot of fun. A fellow mommy (who I later found out was an old friend from elementary school - small world!) ordered these for her two boys to wear when they met their new baby sister in the hospital. I love the combination of different fabrics and colors and the uniqueness of the finished product. Of course, lil sis needed one too...
These can be customized with whatever colors you like; I can use only one or two fabrics for the letters or make every one different. Onesies and boys T-shirts (short sleeve) are $10; girls T's are $12.
This is the cupcake applique shirt that my little cupcake wore for her first birthday, along with this:
I call it my confetti tutu - it's definitely my personal favorite of the tutu's I have made so far. It's kind of random and crazy with lots of color and little ribbons tied on all over. But that's what I love about it! In my opinion, you have to see it on to get the full effect, it's even cuter in person.
So much for this being a short post! One more and then I'll stop, I promise. One of my loyal customers is taking a Disney trip soon and wanted a special outfit for her daughter to wear. She came to me and I came up with this sassy little ensemble:
My favorite part has to be the little touch of zebra. The ruffle bloomers are available in sizes 0-24 months for $16, in any color combination you request. (I can also make plain diaper covers without the ruffles).

One last note - I am planning on participating in a holiday boutique in early November so I will be making up some items in advance to have available for sale. I'll post the details in the near future, but I would also be happy to set up shop in my living room at any time if you are a person that has a hard time visualizing things and prefers to have your choices right there in front of you. I've thought about doing home parties where I bring my goodies to you...that is on my list of "someday, when I have the time" plans for the moment!